Brand Identity

This is where it all starts. Without a strong brand identity, you are fighting an uphill battle. At Deore Design, we specialize in establishing brands, bringing new ones to life and refreshing existing ones.

Logo v. Identity v. Brand

Your logo is the center of your brand’s universe. It is the visual element that allows customers to identify your company. Your logo doesn’t need to communicate all that you have to offer, but it should give your glimpse into your company’s personality and identity.

Your identity incorporates all of the visual components related to your company, including but not limited to logo, colors, fonts, icons, website, stationary, messaging, social media, and email templates. The evolution and use of these elements should be recorded in a brand style guide to ensure cohesiveness and consistency.

Your brand is the perception of your company. It includes your logo and your identity, but it goes beyond that – it’s your reputation, your values, your customer service. Everything that reaches the consumer impacts their perceptions which in turn become the reality of how you are perceived.

At Deore Design, our brand identity services are strategic initiatives aimed at influencing these perceptions with lasting impressions.

Our Approach

Whether you need a logo refresh or a comprehensive brand identity package, our process at Deore Design remains the same.

We will take you through a 4-step journey to create identity materials that will leave an impact on your prospects. 

Through a series of exploratory workshops, we collect research about your mission, capabilities, ideal clients, current reputation, and desired perception. We leverage this research to create three concepts for your team to review. After collectively processing feedback, we refine the concept into a solidified vision and build required supporting materials based on your selected package. Once approved, we hand it over, ready to launch to the world.






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