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What Is Strategic Alignment? Four Areas of Marketing and Sales That Must Be In Sync to Identify Gaps, Eliminate Attrition, and Drive Revenue

Deore Design’s free, on-demand webinar covers the four core areas of the Strategic Alignment System to help you take the first step in aligning your company’s marketing and sales efforts.

Who's it for.

If you identify with one or more of the following, then you are in the right place:

Business Owners

Owners of small and medium-sized business seeking to close gaps in the funnel and drive revenue.

Marketing & Sales Leaders

Leaders who are aware that their efforts are out of alignment but are not sure what is or is not working. 

Content Creators

Creatives who want to build meaningful resources that drive engagement from end-to-end.

What We'll Cover.

Learn how to synchronize these four areas in order to identify gaps, eliminate attrition, and drive revenue.


All team members need to be aligned on who the business was, is, and hopes to be.


You need to have a tight process from when a prospect first engages to when the deal closes.


A tech stack is critical to communicating position and automating your end-to-end process. 


Your team needs to know the current funnel numbers and  forecasts to achieve goals.

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